How to use General Version Automatic Tire Deflators?

Got your new General Tire Deflators but not sure how to adjust them or pre-set them to the tire pressure you want?

The vtonsports “standard” tire deflators are pre-set at 20psi. This is ok for fire-roads, but too high for deep sand or serious rock-crawling. so you need to adjust and pre-set deflators at lower pressure (eg.10psi) before using.

step 1① Manually deflate a tire to be a little higher than the desired PSI(+0.5~+1psi).  For example air down to 21 or 20.5psi, if expected psi is 20psi

step 2② Wind  the lock-ring and adjusting cap all the way down (clockwise).  Screw the Deflator onto the valve stem of the tire you deflated in step 1.  Be sure the value stem threads are clean and in good condition.

step 3③ Loosen the adjusting cap (counter clockwise) until the deflator opens and you hear air escaping, Immediately and quickly tighten the adjusting cap (clockwise) until you hear a soud ‘pa’ and air flow stops.

step 4④ Turn the locking ring up to the adjusting cap and tighten. Repeat step 1~ step 4 for the rest deflators.

step 5⑤ After those preparation (pre-set) work, you can use them and check their accuracy .  Air up your tire, adding 10+ psi of pre-set pressure (eg.30psi~40psi). Screw on the defaltor and wait until it stops.

step 6⑥Remove the deflator and check the tire’s PSI to ensure it is where you expected it to be. Make any slight adjustments when necessary. Normally,  it would be within ±1~2psi of your desired pressure. Eg. if you finally get 23psi,  then try to set your tire pressure -3psi aginast your initial psi in step1 (21psi-3psi=18psi). Repeat these steps for the other 3 deflators (don’t forget to air your tire back up!)

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