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Vtonsports Tire Deflators Pro

Vtonsports Automatic Tire Deflators Professional Version are designed  to  reduce ‘pre-set’ time.  Previously, you need to pre-set 4pcs of deflators one by one, and that would take dozens of minutes. But Now,  due to the simply dialing design, you can adjust the pressure and  use them directly in seconds.

Vtonsports Automatic Tire Deflators are 100% tested, and produced under strict quality control. Data from development and customer feedback has show that they are the  easiest and also accurate way to air down your tires if you often go for  beach driving, off-roading and overlanding.



How Were They Born?

Vtonsports Automatic Tire Deflators came into world by an intersting accident. My partner Samuel said one day: if you can do some fast and accurate tire deflators?  So, i bought some tire deflators  from the market and reviewed every details.  After some tests, i thought i had got the points why they were not fast and accurate. Then i made some samples, and test data showed that i was right.  During the tests, i found ‘Pre-Set’ is time consuming and so boring. i need to inflate tire at least 4 times to a expected pressure, screw on the deflator …. pre-set … screw off. Then i thought about if there could be another way to allow people to adjust the pressure easily before use?  So i started to create the PRO version. After many cycles of tests and modification, we finally succeed. Pressure can be easily adjusted on PRO version in seconds. and they are fast and accurate too.

Really thank my dear partner, it’s him to make me start thinking  and improving!

Vtonsports aims to design new items which have strongest competitivenes

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10-30psi adjustable

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