What make vtonsports automatic tire deflators better?

Automatic tire deflators are offen used to defate your tires when offroading. And this type of tire deflators become more and more popular, because people only need to screw them onto the valve and walk away to let the tire air down to pre-set psi.
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Recommended Tire Pressure
  • Recovery———————————————-6-10psi
  • Sand—————————————————15-20psi
  • Mud—————————————————16-20psi
  • Rocks————————————————-18-22psi
  • Gravel Roads—————————————-16-20psi
  • Corrugations—————————————-26psi

There are many brands of automatic tire deflators in the market. some act well and some doesn’t. So who is the best one? To answer this question, let us discuss how to evaluate automatic tire deflators first. Those deflators are designed to deflate your tires to expected pressure when you are drive on different road conditions, such as gravel roads, corrugations, mud, sand, rocks and recovery.


Automatic tire deflators are designed to save your time and knees. So a good automatic tire deflator should meet bellow requirements.

vtonsports pro automatic tire deflators only require 3steps in second to
professionall version

Now let’s see how does the vtonsports automatic tire deflators perform. To show why vtonsports automatic deflator are the best choice.

1. Accuracy: ±2psi~±3psi (including the variation caused by different brand of gauge. Data shows that gauges in the market may have 1.5~2psi variation). However, for Professional version, gauge variation can be eliminated by re-calibrated in seconds with customer’s own gauge.
2. Consistency: ±0.5psi~±1.5psi.
3. Reliability: work well under all possible climate and environment.
4. Speed: Fastest versus other brands of automatic tire deflators.
5. Adjustable pressure set for different road conditions: 10~30psi adjustable.
6. Easy to operate: this is important, easier also means less time.
7. Attractiveness: Red color, good workmanship.

So, If you frequently airdown for offroad adventures, then you must have vtonsports automatic deflators. They will saving your time and knees a lot and make your offroading more enjoyable. Click Here you can review other most popular tire deflators for comparision which already existed in the market.

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