How to use PRO Version automatic tire deflators?

VTONSPORTS automatic tire deflator is the simplest deflator for people to use. Only need 3 steps in seconds, you can get everything down.

  • Step 1: preset the psi pressure on deflators (3~5 seconds).
  • Step 2: screw onto the valve (2~3 seconds).
  • Step 3: screw off (2~3 seconds)
  • You only need about 10 seconds to make it work!

let’s take an example that how to deflate your tire to 20psi.

  1. turn the adjust ring to the position of ’20psi’ on the vtonsports deflator and lock the cap. The picture shows the where the positon is.
  2. screw the deflator onto the tire valve, then the air will leak out fastly until it stops automatically.
  3. screw off the deflator from the valve.

it’s very super easy and simple to use,isn’t it?

20psi positon-tire deflators

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