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√ 6-35psi
√ Faster speed and more accurate among like products
√ Excellent Workmanship
√ Material:Aluminum
√ Optional Color: Red,Blue,Green,Pink
√ Protective Tin Box
√ Cheap but top quantiy
√ Available for US and Canadian buyers.


vtonsports has come to define magical automatic tire deflators. To build on this, we set up to enhance personal deflating experience. We design every aspect for reliability and gorgeousness. Strict tests and precise production control makes them have better performance than others in the market. Machined aluminum colorful body, Special knurling design makes it looks unique and easier to use. Vtonsports automatic tire deflators must be your reliable mates for offroading.

Following Questions Are Commonly Asked:
  • What does this general version design for (VS most other liked products in the market)?
    1.   precise production control and 100% tested.
    2.   Performance at top lever (accuracy & speed)
  • How to use them?  Like other similar preset-automatic-tire deflators, they share the similar process to preset.
        • Step1: adjust a tire to desired pressure;
        • Step2: Screw on to the tire valve;
        • Step3: Turn the top cap anti-clockwise until air escaping;
        • Step4:turn the top cap clockwise until it shut down (no air escaping);
        • Step5: turn the locking ring up towards the top cap and lock;
        • Step6: repeat step 1~step 5 for the rest 3 deflators.
        • After all the preparation work, you can use them whenever you want. Just screw deflators on to the valve and let they work and stop automatically. Sometimes if  tire pressure is too close to the deflator preset , you may need triggle it by to lifting the plunger slightly.

      Click Here to learn how to use the general automatic deflators in details.

  • How long to receive them?
    For US Buyers: Usually, we can ship items from US in 1 business day after your payment by USPS defaultly.  The delivery time about 1~5 days depend on your location. Accordingly, you can expect overall 2-7 business days to get them.
    For Canadian Buyers: Generally, we ship items from US in 1 business day after your payment by Asendia defaultly.  The delivery time about 5~9 days . So, you can expect overall 6-10 business days to get them.
  • Is there any warranty?
    We provide 2 years waranty. So, feel free to contact us whenever you have any trouble when using them.

To learn the history and different types of the tire deflaotor here.

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 3 cm

Blue, Green, Pink, Red


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